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An April Update

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An April Update

Dear Karya supporters,

We are thrilled to share Karya's latest updates and achievements with you. Your ongoing support continues to empower us in our quest to build a sustainable and inclusive pathway out of poverty for rural Indians.

Hear from Swarnalata Nayak, one of our many incredible workers across rural India!

Swarnalata Nayak

In Swarnalata's village, the average person makes $12 per month. At Karya, she made $60 in her first week. Swarnalata talks about Karya enabled her to contribute to her family, by "simply talking to her phone".

🌟 Highlights

  1. We have initiated a new project in collaboration with Karnataka Health Promotion Trust & USAID, further expanding our reach and impact in rural communities.

  2. The ACT Grants team visited our villages, allowing us to engage with them directly and demonstrate the impact of our initiatives on the ground.

  3. We are delighted to share that we successfully completed The/Nudge bootcamp and had the opportunity to present our work at their Soiree event, showcasing our efforts to an audience passionate about social change.

  4. Our team participated in the BMGF Partner Summit, allowing us to connect with like-minded organizations and individuals, exchange ideas, and strengthen our network.

  5. We got to present the Karya story to the Asia Philanthropy Circle, Asia’s leading network of philanthropists and impact investors.

  6. The Karya team held a rejuvenating and inspiring retreat, providing an opportunity for bonding, reflection, and strategic planning for the future.

πŸ“Š Impact - By the Numbers

  1. Over 30,000 rural Indians use the Karya platform today.

  2. Over 30 million paid jobs have now been completed on the Karya platform.

  3. We now work in 22 states across India and we are on track to reach over 100,000 beneficiaries by June 2023.

πŸ™ Asks

Champion: Champion the cause of ethical data generation by joining our Ethical Data Pledge at

Invite: We need all the help we can get in acing our B2B sales, storytelling and marketing efforts. If you are an expert in any of these areas, we invite you to join Team Karya by emailing us at

Invest: Support our workers with hyper-local skills, career guidance, and job opportunities by donating directly here. For more information, contact Safiya Husain at Your contribution makes a difference!


We are incredibly grateful for your unwavering support, which enables us to make a real difference in the lives of thousands of people. Stay tuned for more updates and exciting news from Karya!

With gratitude,

Manu Chopra

Team Karya